Quality, speed, and precision!

Meeting the requirements of both domestic and international transportation at a high level is considered the most important task of our company.

By being a paragon of effectiveness, organization and good quality, we want to satisfy the needs of all our present and future clients, who, as proof of their satisfaction, become our permanent partners and recommend our services to others.

Our company has shown constant development not only in the expansion of our motor pool but also in creating and developing optimal personal conditions.

In our fast paced world, constant and dynamic technical development is inevitable, and at our company this goes hand in hand with a peaceful, humane environment and the expansion of our services.

To improve the quality of service to our valued customers, we are constantly developing and expanding our capabilities in accordance with the requirements of our partners and the ever changing demands of the market.

Company history

The transportation service is based on trust, so it is important for us that our clients know that the cargo they entrust to us will be delivered undamaged and on time to its destination.

We are endeavoring to keep this trust by expanding our state of the art motor pool, continually training our team, having flexible working hours, and maintaining a customer friendly approach.

Through constant development, we hope to give ever more reliable service to all our partners in Europe.

Our transportation services cover Hungary and the entire European continent. Our destination countries include Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, and Romania.

Orders for transportation to or from these countries are completed with excellent care and service even under exceptionally short deadlines.

To carry out our transportation tasks we use well equipped box and canvas vans carrying five, six, or eight pallets with a maximum load capacity of 1.2 tons.

Our vehicles are equipped with a satellite tracking system to ensure more reliable service and faster delivery.

To ensure the safety of our deliveries, we have CMR cargo insurance with the Generali Insurance Company.

Our truck drivers have many years of experience in international transportation and are provided with all appropriate equipment as well as a safe working environment.